New Features
  • 10 Mar 2023
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New Features

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  • PDF Release is a patch release that wraps up few bug fixes. For more information, see Fixed Issues.

3.0.0 Release

The Hyperscale Compliance 3.0.0 release has the following new features:

  • Oracle Connector
    This release includes the Oracle connector implemented as separate services which includes unload and load services.These connector services enable Hyperscale Compliance for Oracle databases.
  • Parallel Processing of Tables
    This release processes all tables provided through the data-set API in parallel through the four operational stages - unload, masking, upload, and post-load to minimize the total time it takes to mask the full data set.
  • Monitoring
    This release provides monitoring APIs so that you can track the progress of tables in your data set through the unload, masking, upload, and post-load phases. This API also provides count of rows being processed through different stages
  • Restartability
    This release includes the ability to restart a failed process.
  • Clean up
    This release supports cleaning data from previous job execution. Release is a patch release that wraps up bug fixes and has the following updates:

  • Upgraded spring boot version to 2.5.12
  • Minor view only changes in swagger based API client

2.0.0 Release

2.0.0 is the initial release of Hyperscale Compliance. Hyperscale Compliance is an API-based interface that is designed to enhance the performance of masking large datasets. It allows you to achieve faster masking results using the existing Delphix Continuous Compliance offering without adding the complexity of configuring multiple jobs. For more information about Hyperscale Compliance Architecture, see Hyperscale Compliance Architecture.

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